Over-the-Phone Interpreting OPI Level 1 (i13A)
Companion Materials for the Training Session OPI Level 1
You do NOT need to print anything that you do not need. Personally, I do not print anything any more.
All materials are written to be studied on your screen. Print only those materials that are useful to you in paper. In today's world, that should be very little amount of materials.

This session serves as a foundation to start working as an OPI, understanding the core concepts but also receiving suggestions as to practice exercises to develop fluency in the modality of telephone interpreting. A large amount of tools and support are provided to help you acquire confidence and ability. At the end of this session, participants who have never worked in the industry will be ready to start developing their skills for a job as an OPI and interpreters who have already been exposed to this type of work will be able to improve their performance and acquire the tools to meet new challenges.

Access, read and use the following materials created by Claudia Brauer as tools for your continuing growth as an interpreter. Remember that to acquire any skill you need to practice over and over again. Repetition is the key.

Summary of basic requirements to be a remote interpreter

Evaluation of your readiness to become a remote interpreter

Tools to assess interpreting exercises (VG2)

Language Service Providers offering remote interpretation

Claudia's favorite online glossaries

Claudia's Code of Ethics based on Nataly Kelly's Code

List of Claudia's many Wikis full of free resources

Use the following documents as an open book test to apply for your Certificate

The following materials are recommended for review and study as part of your progressive acquisition of knowledge and skills.